The BB+M team has evolved from over two decades of collaboration on more than 30 startups around the world. Like-minded and with different backgrounds, we have a unique collaborative style that’s unlike any other.


Operations Security + Technical Expert

CHICAGO IL | With over 20 years experience working in international markets, David brings an extensive knowledge and understanding of end to end technology requirements, as well as a background in sales and marketing. Most recently, David has worked as a business advisor for multiple start-ups. He has a passion for overcoming challenges by helping businesses grow and realize their vision on their path to success. David was born and raised in South Africa, lived and worked in London, Boston and currently resides in the great city of Chicago.


Creative Direction, Design + UI/UX

BOULDER CO | An artist + designer, Margot lives to create beautiful things. With over fifteen years of professional design experience, Margot began her career in print and transitioned to digital with the changing tides of her early career. Specializing in identity + branding, web, UX/UI + motion, Margot’s passion is clean, concise design. When she’s not leading the BB+M team creatively, she can be found making treasures from other people’s trash with her husband. 


Marketing + Sales Strategy, Path to Revenue

BOSTON MA | With a rich background in mobile commerce and financial technology, John was the chief executive of two impactful fin-tech start-ups, both of which revolutionized the merchant services industry and youth related banking. John has more than 20 years advancing experience as a revenue-focused sales and marketing leader. He currently holds advisory roles in cloud-based POS companies, global payment gateways, and loyalty / mobile payments companies. John is a father to five children, and resides in Massachusetts, USA.


Partner: Project Management + Service

AUSTIN TX | Jim has a passion for delivering his customers value, simply and beautifully. This has been at the core of his professional career, beginning as a designer and progressing through roles in marketing, product management, and as owner-operator of a cocktail bar, where his proudest achievement might be making a damn-near-perfect Sazerac — kinda makes sense. At BB+M, Jim develops messaging platforms, websites, project plans, and even juliennes fries!


Partner: Digital Marketing + Strategy

SOUTH AFRICA | Brett has diverse business background, working in South East Asia and currently based in Cape Town. Having 20+ years experience in both B2C and B2B, navigating SMB’s intand through the digital marketing process. He has a special focus on helping business leverage value on any advertising budget. When not online working on a campaign strategy, you’ll find he losing a game on PlayStation to his young sons!


Associate: WordPress + Design

PHILIPPINES | Ricky, a graphic artist, website designer and developer for more than 5 years. Having started as an Android app developer he graduated from college and got introduced to WordPress where his focus has been designing and building websites. He is also a musician, photographer and a football fanatic.


We're independently motivated. We work on our own together with the best of the best. We expand our team when we find true talent.