Everything gets disrupted.

It's about what you do with the disruption. That's where we come in.

Remember when you were totally willing to push a number 3 times…. to type a letter… then again and again to type a word? Think about it. Even the alphabet has been disrupted, and we all just adapted.

At BB+M we help you manage through the change, and manage the message into the entire organization. Let’s face it. New isn’t always good, and growth is never easy.

It's not about our beautiful portfolio.

Let's talk about results.


The Railroad Associates Corporation


Privately Held  |  railroadtrac.com


  • The Industrial Rail Industry was changing
  • TRAC now required recurring revenue
  • There was a shift from an on demand services business
  • The industry is very materials focused, very hands-on
  • It was time to begin digitizing the entire company
  • It was time to contemporize the brand


  • Created the Rail Assurance Plan: a protection plan for your yard
  • Shifted focus from building and fixing to risk management
  • Monetized the company’s ability to inspect
  • Developed a new strategy and brand: messaging, website, direct marketing and outbound call center


  • Grew revenue 4x within 4 years
  • Created a fully digitized platform and online training as new revenue streams; less operationally focused.



Privately Held  |  generate4schools.com


  • The Merchant Services Industry was facing record high attrition rates
  • Fierce market competition had created a race to the bottom
  • Processors, MSPs and ISO’s sought new methods to stem attrition
  • The market was jaded to the traditional approach – Field and Tele-sales Reps
  • This drove the cost of acquisition up on Direct Marketing, PPC and SEM


  • Developed an affinity-based agent program
  • Recruited PTO/PTA parents to become Merchant Agents
  • Redirected profit share to schools
  • The affinity program encouraged switch processing if we saved money, because we donated recurring revenue back to the school or charity


  • 25 Distributors across 25 states
  • Signed 10,000 schools to the platform
  • Extended merchant attrition to 36 months as money was directed to the school



Privately Held  |  ourly.com


  • Traditional community banks were experiencing serious depositor aging
  • Banks had lost connection with millennials and were unprepared for Gen Z
  • Parents were opening cash deposit accounts in the face of new youth spending
  • App stores, online gaming and e-commerce were eroding the benefits of cash
  • Family friendly fraud was threatening the new retail giants


  • Developed a family-focused bank for Gen Z
  • The program allowed parents to issue pocket money linked to a list of chores
  • Kids completed a job, took a picture and parent approved
  • Once the jobs were approved, the platform deposited into a family account
  • Developed a prepaid youth card to fix the friendly fraud challenge
  • Developed a banking channel product to help with depositor aging


  • Banks are now able to access a new generation of business
  • Leveraged the values of the parents (depositors)
  • Created new revenue streams from deposit account and student loans
  • 5,000 families signed up the first 90 days

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